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“A short to keep an eye out for!”

“ESCALATION is a horror fan’s dream. An excellent short film that will attract the top-level horror hounds”

“Bachini doesn't rehash any old ideas, and he certainly doesn't want to lecture us morally. He wants to convince us of his own horror vision and captivate us with his perfectly choreographed cruelty. And he succeeds! Rarely before has the repulsive been so beautiful and appealing. I'm sure we'll be hearing a hell of a lot more from Bachini, because this man LIVES horror!”

“Christian Bachini and The Aesthetic of Violence”

"Bachini is a natural when it comes to physical horror, reminding me of Bruce Campbell’s best from Evil Dead 2."

“Christian Bachini brings his multicultural background to create an impactful fifteen-minute gory short horror film in Escalation.”

Slash Your Way UpAntonio Vannucci
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